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RTVi Russian TV in America
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About RTVi

Launched in 1997, RTVI is a 24-hour Russian-language television network that serves a nationwide Russian-speaking audience.

Our goal is to offer Russian-speaking people throughout the world an independent source of information and entertainment programming in their native language.

Available to U.S. subscribers via local cable providers and a satellite network, RTVI commits itself to being the leader in the industry.

Throughout the years of operation RTVI has earned the respect and admiration of the Russian speaking community.

It continues to do so by providing them with innovative programming, including six newscasts daily, the latest TV-series, controversial talk-shows and a vast array of movies.

Geographical Coverage:

Time Warner Cable
Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island
Northern New Jersey

Long Island

Newark, NJ

DISH Network

Advertising on RTVi

RTVi is the direct connection to Russian-speaking consumers

Television has traditionally been viewed as mass-media outlet # 1 by Russian-speakers. It is considered to be the ultimate source for news and information, and is therefore given much more trust and attention than radio or print media. Today, in the U.S., there are more than 90 Russian-language print publications, over a dozen radio stations, and only one 24-hour, 2-channel nationwide TV package - RTVI. Because of this ratio, our advertisers have enjoyed an unprecedented level of consumer response. This is evident from the fact that approximately 80% of our advertisers are repeat customers with whom we have long-standing business relationships because of their continued success with our network.

RTVIs programs are the most-watched in Russian-American homes, often acquiring cult status in the community. With exclusive rights to the largest movie library in Russia, and a long list of award-winning original programming, RTVI is the most highly-regarded and emulated Russian-language television network in the U.S. Our newscasts are relied upon by all Russian-speaking viewers, regardless of their age, income, or viewing preferences. This can be attributed to RTVIs highly objective, credible, and global approach to news and information.

New York City and the surrounding area - the heart of the Russian-American community - is our strongest market. With over 150,000 viewers in the New York area alone, RTVI captures the most significant portion of the Russian-American target audience. The majority of our viewers are in their working and earning primes, with above-average income and educational levels. They are avid consumers of both basic and luxury goods and services.

Thanks to the scope of our geographical coverage and the variety of our programming, our audience is diverse in age, profession, lifestyle, and viewing preferences. RTVI is the only 24-hour, 2 channel Russian-language television network that broadcasts nationwide. Because of our partnership with DishNetwork, RTVI and RTVI Plus channels can be viewed throughout the continental U.S. This allows for advertisers to successfully convey their marketing message to a variety of consumers.

Since its 1999 U.S. broadcast launch, RTVI has held a highly involved and influential position within the Russian-speaking community. As a company, we adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and organization. We are in touch with our audience, we have a keen awareness of the ethnic media market, and we take time to understand the marketing needs of our advertisers. This synergy allows us to offer our advertisers not only valuable air-time, but also unparalleled service, close attention, and consulting throughout the process. Our advertising sales team will help you adapt and successfully deliver your marketing message to the Russian-speaking market.

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