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MASTER PAGE Russian-American Advertising and Information Services PRESENTS:

DAVIDZON  Russian Radio (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut).
General Info 

ќсновна€ информаци€ о радиостанции "DAVIDZON" (Ќью-…орк, Tri-State Area)


Davidzon Radio

About Us

In present time, the Davidzon Radio has become the largest independent, commercial, Russian language radio station in the New York Tri-State Area. Davidzon Radio has quickly developed an enormous audience following, and has become a primary source of new and information for the Russian speaking community.
We are staffed by award winning journalists, popular DJs and famous on-air personalities from the Russian speaking world. Our programming concepts is an "American radio station in the Russian language". The popularity, growth and market penetration on Davidzon Radio is the result.

Russian - Americans have become a major force in every aspect of the economy. Our community, which stretches from coast to coast, has enthusiastically and successfully embraced the American Dream. Advertising on Davidzon Radio will enable potential advertiser to reach this growing population and become a part of this sophisticated and ever expanding community.

Our Format

Davidzon Radio can be heard throughout the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. The station broadcasts 17 hours daily from Monday - Thursday, 2 AM to 7 PM and Friday - 2 AM to 12 AM.


It has been a Russian speaking station since March 1, 2003.


Davidzon Radio also broadcasts 24 hours a day 7 days a week throughout the entire country via the digital radio on subscription basis (Davidzon Radio Plus) and on the Internet.

The format of Davidzon Radio is centered around news and information: local, national and international: local, national and international news, continuous updates of traffic, sports and weather, live reports from several correspondents around the world, music, feature stories, entertainment, daily discussion topics. Leading Russian personalities from the entertainment world or the political scene are regular guests on the station.

All broadcasting on Davidzon Radio is live and interactive with listener participation and call-in segments. Only commercials and a limited number of interviews are pre-recorded.

Why Ethnic Radio?

Traditionally Russian-Speaking people from the former Soviet Union rely on radio to obtain news and up-to-date information.
The Russian-Speaking Population is one of the expanding media markets in the local Tri-State Area.

Listeners maintain close ties with their native culture through a well-knit community.

Easy access to our station enables a wide variety of listeners from the local community to take an active part in social, political and other discussion on the air.

Our Markets

One of the fastest growing segments of the ethnic market is the Russian speaking population, which presently numbers close to 5.5 million of market.
Russian Speaking Population in Radio DAVIDZON Broadcasting Areas.

Market Station Size

New York (Tri-State Area)          1,620,000

Our Audience

Predominantly between 30 and 55 years old with substantial disposable income.

About 520,000 households within the NY Tri-State Area.
Affluent visitors from Russia and other countries of former Soviet Union.

Average household size is 2.53.

Average median income per household is $55,000.

61% of adults have a Bachelors Degree, 19% have the equivalent of an Advanced Degree, and an additional 17% have some college education.

Traditionally fascinated by new technologies, top-of-the-line goods, and luxury automobiles.
Avid theatre-goers and cultural life participants.
Interested in the latest developments in medicine and sciences.
Home ownership and house values higher than the US average.

Radio Product and Services

Davidzon Radio offers a variety of goal oriented programs targeting local Russian-speaking markets. Programs include spot advertising, community events, commercial interviews, sponsorship packages and real-time remote broadcasting from the advertiser's site.

Radio DAVIDZON Promotion

Davidzon Radio schedules are listed regularly in numerous Russian-language print media.
Our radio station in promoted by TV broadcasting companies such as: Russian Television International (RTVI), Russian Television Network (RTN WMNB), NTV America as well as by Russian language newspapers.
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