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MASTER PAGE Russian-American Advertising and Information Services PRESENTS:

KURIER Russian - American Weekly Newspaper, NY.
General Info 

ќсновна€ информаци€ о еженедельной газете " урьер"


Russian Weekly Newspaper, NY

"Kurier" is the most popular Russian weekly newspaper. Every Friday morning thousands of "Kurier" readers (which are about 80% of all Russian population in NY, NJ, PA) are on their way to stores and kiosks, where they buy a new issue of their favorite newspaper.

Those, who for some reason were unable to buy "Kurier" on Friday, can do so on Saturday or Sunday. To find "Kurier" on Monday is not so easy Ц most of the copies are sold out.

That is why, those who are leaving for business or vacation, ask their friends or relatives to buy a curent issue of "Kurier" for them. Number of readers, as well as circulation of the newspaper (which is really high even for American newspapers) are growing weekly.

Only in "Kurier" you can find the most recent information about America, Israel, Russia and other countries.

"Kurier" Ч these are scoops, latest discoveries, memoirs, interviews with some of the most popular actors, directors, athletes, sensational articles, breathtaking thrillers, remarkable life stories, humor, crossword puzzles, etc.

MASTER PAGE Advertising Representative of the newspaper with the maximum usage will help to find the most valuable choice of airplane tickets, in acquisition of real estate or an apartment, in buying furniture, electric appliances, in visiting theaters or restaurants.

All this explains why the big, nation-wide companies prefer to advertise in "Kurier".

If someone is looking to rent an apartment, find a new job or a career opportunity, wishing to find a wife or a husband there is no better adviser than "Kurier" weekly newspaper.


Russian newspaper "Kurier" welcomes you to the Russian market in the North America!

"Kurier" is the largest and one of the oldest paper at the service of the Russian-American. The advertising section of our newspaper contains 60 pages and is constantly expanding due to the effectiveness of the advertisement, its low prices and popularity of "Kurier" in the Russian community. By placing ads with the "Kurier" weekly, business owners can reach more than half a million potential customers, also add 25% more clientele to their existing market, that is unreachable by ordinary marketing tools.

If you are interested in this offer we will be glad to have you as our partner.

A short list of potential advertisers:
Ч Attorneys, Law Offices, Immigration Services;
Ч Doctors, Medical Care;
Ч Computer Schools and Courses;
Ч Schools, Colleges, Day Care Centers;
Ч Travel Agencies;
Ч Shipping Companies, Money Transfer;
Ч Phone Companies;
Ч Restaurants;
Ч Automobiles, Auctions, Autoschools;
Ч Animal Care, Pet Stores;
Ч Auto Insurances;
Ч Furniture Stores;
Ч Antiques;
Ч Rentals, Real Estate, Houses/Aprts for rent/sale;
Ч Job Offer, Help Wanted;
Ч Moving Companies;
Ч Psychics, Clairvoyants, Spiritualists, Mediums, etc.,
Ч Matrimonial;
Ч Miscellaneous;
Ч Dating Services.

All issues are available at Russian stores, Newsstands, Pharmacies and Subscription.

About Russian-speaking Community
Since the late 1970's estimated 1,500,000 immigrants from the former Soviet Union settled in the Tri-State area, with vast majority within the five boroughs of New York City.

Russian-speaking community represents a powerful buying force today, with an average household income way above the National and New York State averages. Most of the community is highly educated and occupies prominent positions in Finance, Medicine, Government, Law, and Management.

Published since 1992
Х Comes out on Friday
Х Distributed via Russian Stores, Newsstands, Pharmacies and subscription.
Х 132 page per issue
Х Format: Tabloid
Х Advertising Full-page size: 9.5" x 12.25"
Х Full-color cover (4/4) and full cover advertising inserts. Black and white text.
Х Deadline to place an Advertisement is 1 week before the 1st publication's date.
Dead-line for Classified Text Only Ads and Camera-ready Display Ads (.pdf file) is Wednesday, 12:00 pm

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