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MASTER PAGE Russian-American Advertising and Information Services PRESENTS:

TOP DEAL ADVERTISER Free Advertising Monthly Magazine.
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Some will claim that you have to advertise if you want to succeed. Is this statement true? Yes.

Sometimes it is difficult to choose the right form of advertising for your product. Your options are limitless, but your budget isn't. That means you need to make a hard decision how to use your advertising dollars.

Advertising magazine Top Deal Advertiser has been designed and brought to life in order to help busineses to stand against tough economy.  What are we proposing to our potential customers? Competitive prices, top services, great design and wide area of distribution.

You can find our magazine in groceries, clothing stores, restaurants, gyms, yoga studios, small markets, health/food stores, community resource centers, music stores, record stores, libraries, coffee houses, Internet cafes, pharmacies, night clubs, outdoor racks, spas, movie theaters, banks, offices, trade shows, concerts, beach events, sporting events, yoga expos, community festivals, events, libraries, holistic events/conferences, retreats.

The biggest downside of magazine advertising is - you guessed it - cost. Magazine ads are significantly more expensive than print ads in newspapers. But that would not be a case, when you advertise in the Top Deal Advertiser.

Top Deal Advertiser allows our customers to advertise and to have all benefits that magazine can give, but for price, that can be found in newspapers or even less.

Top Deal Advertiser makes it easy for you to target wide market demographics. Most magazines have a very specific readership based on factors such as interests, age, and gender. Our advertiser can be ensured that your future customers and client will see their message.

In order to show our customers, that their hard-earned dollar has been properly spent down to the last penny, each advertisement placed in the magazine will also appear on our website in the business directory in the same layout.

Let us help your business grow!


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